Leaders In The Interiorscape And Exteriorscape Industries

Leaders In The Interiorscape And Exteriorscape Industries

At Rolling Greens, we design, install and maintain exterior and interior landscape designs and holiday decor. We are committed to following sustainable green practices and can satisfy the LEED qualification criteria. Our Supervisors are also certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Rolling Greens is an innovative commercial landscape design service, providing high-impact interior and exterior landscaping solutions as well as dedicated maintenance services to fit any design plan. Located outside Washington DC and serving the greater DMV metro area in addition to North Carolina offices, Rolling Greens has won many awards for exterior and interior landscaping projects.

Humble Beginnings

Rolling Greens was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit in 1975, by selling and delivering office plants to the growing number of people in and around our nation’s capital. From these humble beginnings, Rolling Greens grew to become one of the nationally recognized leaders in the interior landscaping industry. As the business grew, Rolling Greens continually improved the services, processes and commitment to clients and staff alike.

Growth Story

In 2015 we were honored to be chosen by the Universal Engeisha Company, as their first western acquisition. Headquartered in Osaka Japan, Universal Engeisha (UNG), a publicly traded company on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange, also specializes in the interior and exterior landscaping industry. Takumi Morisaka, the founder and president of UNG, shares our core values of building relationships between people and plants. This is a remarkable synergistic opportunity for both parties and our customers will certainly benefit from this new alignment.

Green Acquisitions

In the spring of 2016, Rolling Greens Inc. entered the North Carolina Green business by purchasing the NC business assets of Sedge Field Interior Landscapes Inc. These are now operated as the Rolling Greens Charlotte and Rolling Greens Greensboro branches. Sedge field is a truly noteworthy interior-scraping services provider, with 50 years of history serving the businesses of North Carolina.

In June of 2016, Rolling Greens Inc. purchased Premier Plantscapes LLC and merged into the largest interiorscape company in the DC metro area. This Branch is now operated as the Rolling Greens Beltsville Branch. Our combined experience and dependability translate to the best value for our customers and we look forward to a growing future.

Customer Satisfaction

Rolling Greens provides the highest quality customer care and value, through quality in solution, product, and customer relations. Our trained personnel and seasoned leaders create and maintain state-of-the-art industrial landscape designs. The entire team delivers consistent quality and achieves total customer satisfaction.

Rolling Greens is dedicated to give the very best in business landscaping solutions in North Carolina and the Washington DC areas. This is reflected in the overwhelming favorable feedback from our yearly feedback about customer support, interactions, and total satisfaction.

Rolling Greens is growing relationships between people and plants… naturally!