Interior Plant Services in Washington DC area and North Carolina





Plants are one of the best ways to bring life and happiness to your business or office. More greenery helps your property feel less stressful and more productive. Rolling Greens Inc. is here to offer interior plant services for the Washington DC, VA, MD and NC area so that every business around can enjoy beautiful interior plants. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

What Are Our Plant Services?

When you decide that you need more life injected into your workspace, we’ll provide the plants you need through a few simple steps:

  • Consultation: The first thing we’ll do is offer a complimentary consultation of your property and environment. We’ll look around your premises to decide which plants best fit your personal design ideas and the areas that you want to improve.
  • Delivery and placement: We’ll bring the interior plants that we decided on in the consultation and place them in the perfect places to maximize their beauty, aesthetics, and benefits.
  • Maintenance: Rolling Greens Inc. also offers a reliable maintenance program that includes all of the care your plants need. We’ll keep each plant that we sell you looking and feeling healthy for years.

We have experience adding plants to all different kinds of businesses around Washington DC, VA, MD and NC including government offices, car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. No matter what business you run, you won’t regret adding more happiness with plants.

Why Hire Rolling Greens Inc. for Interior Plants?

First, you need to understand that adding more plant life to your business isn’t just to appear more eco-friendly or to add beauty. Plants can also give more oxygen and humidity to the air, and they also absorb unwanted sounds. These benefits improve concentration and mood in your place of business.

And when you hire Rolling Greens Inc. for this service, you hire a company that’s been around for 45 years. We know our plants, and we want to share our knowledge with you so that you can see the difference that interior plants can bring.
Call us at:
Beltsville, MD Branch: (301) 384-1900
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We would love to make your space original and unique!

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